Geeks.... and candles.

Fandlemonium was founded in Wisconsin by sisters Autumn and Rianna with help from their amazing parents. The idea was born out of the sisters’ love for all things geek and fun novelty products. They knew that scented candles would appeal to many people, and basing them off of popular and well-loved characters would just make them even more tempting! Some characters are simple, with recognizable scents and colors that reach a wide audience, while others are more complex and definitely fit more of the “novelty” label. These candles are perfect to treat yourself with, or to give as a gift for the serious geek or even as a gag gift.

This idea expanded into a custom line, which allows the customer to come up with every detail of their candle, down to the label. Also released was the Zodiac line, carefully researched and tested by Rianna. This awoke in her a desire to do simpler candles with more unique and carefully crafted scents, which will be released later this year. She also plans on starting a service to design a one-of-a-kind scent for you based on your interests.

Nick joined the Fandlemonium family in 2017 and is probably who you'll be talking to if you message us! He's a super sweet and friendly guy so he's perfect as our customer service rep. ;) He's also a great salesman at conventions! 

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