Supernatural Inspired Scented Candles



Whiskey and leather and kittens with strings- these are a few of Dean's favorite things... Okay, so we lied about the kittens, but replace them with gunpowder and you've got Dean. Smells a little like your favorite dive bar- in the best way possible.


We'd like to think Sam smells pretty nice all the time, but that wouldn't make for a very interesting candle now would it? A manly musk scent mixes with that slightly dusty smell of old books to create a distinct odor that we imagine would surround Sam as he settles down to study after a long day of hunting. A faint metallic aroma sits in the background to remind him of his biggest vice - demon's blood.


Castiel collected the honey himself, you know! Right before he showed up naked on the Impala, covered in bees...
Angel Wings is a light and airy scent used to tie all the angels together.