Harry Potter Inspired Scented Candles


Boy Wizard:

A candle fitting for our #1 boy wizard would not be complete without some pumpkin juice and delicious, frothy butterbeer. And of course, who could forget the delightfully woody scent of new broomsticks?

Brightest Witch:

When Hermione first gets a whiff of the amortentia, a powerful love potion whose scent varies depending on what attracts the person smelling it, she identifies her personal scents as freshly mown grass, a new roll of parchment for all her school needs, and (according to the film) spearmint toothpaste. Is this a nod to her muggle parents' profession as dentists or... Ron's hygiene products?

Ginger King:

We couldn't create a candle honoring the most famous Weasley without a nod to his ginger hair. The bright spiciness accents the warm and sugary scent of treacle tarts topped with delicious chocolate.